Our Story

C ultured Heritage Foods, LLC is owned and operated by Matt and Carolyn Mayer. Fermented Harvest is our pioneer line of organic cultured vegetables. We use the time-honored process of lacto-fermentation in ceramic crocks to produce the most nourishing whole food probiotics on the market.

We became passionate about nutrient-dense whole foods through our own nutritional journey with our children. While Matt was deployed to Afghanistan, our second daughter was struggling with multiple symptoms that the physicians just could not diagnose. After months of testing and searching for answers, we found, Sharon Brown, a nutritional therapist who specialized in gut healing through whole foods. We had no idea that our 2 year old daughter was suffering from so many symptoms as a result of her damaged gut. We began the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) protocol and have seen tremendous healing and resolution of symptoms over the last 15 months.

As a result of all we have learned on our nutritional journey, Fermented Harvest was launched in April 2012 after Matt and Carolyn completed the Veteran’s Sustainable Agriculture Training (VSAT) at Archi’s Acres farm in CA. VSAT is an intensive course designed to give veterans a foundation to build on as they transition out of their military careers. The capstone for this course is a live presentation of your business plan to a panel of investors, local business professionals, and other community leaders. Our presentation was well received and doors began to open for us to launch a business selling whole food probiotics and educating consumers on a nutrient-dense diet.