Nutritional Journey

W e have a passion for education, that’s one of the major efforts of our company: Nourish, Educate, Thrive. It’s our goal that every time you visit Fermented Harvest you can learn something new! We hope you’ll find some tools here to help you wherever you are on your nutritional journey. We’ve tried to keep it simple and break it into three main areas, Getting Started, Whole Food Nutrition, and Nutritional Therapy. Getting Started is very broad and covers many different ways to slowly change one thing at a time. Even if you’re already a pro, we recommend quickly browsing through the other categories.
Keep it simple.”

We just want someone to give us the black and white, what’s good and what’s bad for me and we’ll just jump right in! Diets are huge, especially in America, because deep down, we just want some rules to follow. We have found the best progress when changes are made slowly. They then become lasting changes, and changes that stick. We also know that understanding WHY is a critical piece to making changes to nutrition and lifestyle.

Getting Started: In this section, we’ll give you some ideas about how to slowly make the initial changes needed to eventually shift to a diet of whole, not processed, foods. Wherever you are on your nutritional journey, find a few things that look feasible to you. We’ve included links where you can continue learning more.

Whole Food Nutrition: We are so thankful for what we have learned about how our bodies were designed to thrive on real food. When you’re ready to make the shift to a diet of foods mostly prepared from scratch, this section will give you a foundation to build on as you learn to prepare and make wonderful meals, snacks, and treats! Please know that even for the busiest business person, mom, or college student, a nourishing diet is possible. That’s what’s great about going slow. Try one new thing a week. Keep it fun. When you start to feel the difference in your body you’ll want to continue learning more.

Nutritional Therapy: We are a GAPS family. GAPS, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, is a comprehensive protocol created by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. It is not a diet, it’s a gut healing protocol. When the gut begins to heal our bodies respond in an amazing way! Our family has been profoundly blessed by the knowledge and wisdom of our Nutritional Therapist. In this section we will give you some of the basics if you are exploring nutritional therapy for the first time, and also some of our favorite resources if you’ve been at it for a while.

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