We’re so excited about our new website! Thankful to the team over at 3klema for all their effort to launch

We wanted to keep the first post light and share with you some fun pictures from production. Some are of our small beginnings in our home kitchen and others are of official production runs at the commercial kitchen.


50 LBS of cabbage, and 5 LBS of carrots ready for shredding.

Outer layers peeled, then cabbages washed, cored, and quartered

Veggies shredded, weighed, and salted.
Waiting for the salt to draw out the moisture which creates the brine

The big kitchen


Each time we do a run we learn more and more. We’ve learned that weighing out 50 LBS of cabbage 10 LBS at a time is hard to keep track of and if you don’t write it down you’ll have to start all over! We’ve learned that it can take over 12 hours to do a production run with just one person. We’ve learned to be thankful for chef’s and people who prepare food because it really is Hard Work! We’ve learned that the fun parts like designing websites and talking to customers comes only after hours and hours of research, kitchen time, and business administration. And last, we’ve learned that we still have A LOT left to learn!

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